Electronic Communications Policies
(Adopted by the International Board October 2010)
Detailed information regarding content of Club websites

Helpful excerpts from Zonta International's Web Site Policy for Districts and Clubs.
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It is recommended that club web pages are hosted under their district domain.
For example, www.zonta-district11.org/club_name.

It is recommended that clubs who manage their own hosting purchase a domain name that will clearly identify their club. For example, www.zontaclubanytown.org or www.zontaclub.anytown.org (with format as standard for that region). In the case of new Zonta Clubs, it is suggested that appropriate Web site and e-mail addresses be established in connection with chartering and the selection of the Club name.

Club Web sites and pages shall bear distinctive header information so that their web pages will not be mistaken for "Official" Zonta International web pages. Clubs are encouraged to use the Zonta Club logos designed to carryover the identity of Zonta International. See the Club Logos and Branding information below.

Branding and Logo Usage

There are two unique logos for each club, one is a horizontal logo with the club name, the other incorporates the Zonta mission. To request the logos for your club, go to http://www.zonta.org/MemberResources/Tools/Logos.aspx and ask that your club logos be emailed to you.

Zonta clubs are authorized to use the logo for the following: Jewelry, shirts and other appropriate items as long as the logo is not changed. Club merchandise displaying your Zonta club logo which is sold to the public must conform with these guidelines.

Zonta clubs and districts are authorized to use the emblem for the following:
Clubs may use the Zonta emblem, but not the Zonta International logo, on their signs and programs and other printed material when holding events. The words "Zonta International" used in the logo infers that these events have been approved by Zonta International. Clubs are not required to have their events approved, but the words Zonta International may not be used for the events to avoid the impression that they were approved. In such cases, a specific qualification indicating that this is project or program of the club/district must be indicated.

ZI Branding and Logo Guidelines:

Guidelines for Use of the Zonta International Logo

Organizational Identity Guidelines

Website Guidelines:

Zonta International  

Web Site Policy for Districts and Clubs (pdf)

Zonta International Website Linking Policies and Procedures (pdf)

Zonta International District 11  

District 11 Website Guidelines for submission of information (pdf)

Your District Web Coordinator is available for suggestions and recommendations on publishing a club website. Email webcoordinator@zonta-district11.org