Zonta International

District 11

68th Annual Conference

A representative from each club in District 11 should complete the form below for their club. Please submit this information as soon as possible, and no later than September 10, 2017.

Each section of this form can be submitted at different times, it is not necessary to submit all at once. However, be sure to include the Area and Club Name with each submission.

Club Information for Conference

Person submitting form:

Club Information

I. Club Credentials

Each club shall be entitled to one (1) delegate and one (1) alternate. If by June 1, the membership of any club exceeds thirty (30) members, the club shall be entitled to a second delegate and alternate. If the membership exceeds sixty (60) members, the club shall be entitled to a third delegate and alternate. Delegates and alternates shall be elected by the club they represent. A delegate may carry more than one of the total votes to which the club is entitled.

If no, please ask a club in your area to carry your proxy, and complete this Proxy Form

If yes, who is/are your club's Delegate(s) to conference:

Who is/are your club's Alternate(s)?

II.Club Goals

Report here your club's goals for giving to the Zonta International Foundation. To be included in the program, ZIF club pledges must be received by September 1st.

III. Memorial Service

Does your club have anyone to be remembered after passing away this past year?  Please give the member name, date of passing, memories, and the club member who will speak on their behalf at the memorial service. Otherwise put N/A.

IV. Zonta Store  - Reserve Table(s)

$25 per table for clubs,  $50 for outside vendors.

NOTE:See the right side bar for payment instructions

   If no, ignore the next 3 questions


V. Zonta Raffle  - District Fundraiser

This is the major fundraiser for District 11. Each club is asked to donate an item or items worth $100 to the raffle. Ideas include gift baskets, gift cards, Zonta branded items, or any special raffle item

   If no, ignore the next 3 questions

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